CloudFlare’s new DNS over HTTPS service

Get your sights set on yet another free DNS service provider. This time CloudFlare is getting into the ring with players from OpenDNS (now Cisco’s Umbrella), Google, and Quad9 by providing DNS resolution free to anyone. What makes CloudFlare’s DNS service different from the others, building in privacy to every DNS query by combining DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH’). Typical DNS traffic is sent in clear text which means your internet service provider or places which offer free WiFi are able to see every request made by your computer. Providers then have the ability to data mine all queries made by an IP address and sell that to marketing firms. There is evidence which shows smart tv manufacturers, set top boxes, and just normal web browsing provides marketers enough information to display targeted ads to a given user or household. Take for instance where Target was able to figure out a teenage girl was pregnant just by the search terms being used and her family members finding out through targeted ads. How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

The service was released on April fools day 4/1 (get it? Leveraging their 170+ datacenter locations, CloudFlare is able to return queries back to you faster than their competitors. Add that on top of their privacy policy which states they will not data mine or sell your DNS information to outside marketing companies; that makes this service something that everyone should take benefit from. If you want to take advantage of their service, set your DNS settings to for the primary DNS and for the secondary DNS server. This can be done in either your wireless router settings so everyone in your home can take advantage of, or set it directly on your desktop, laptop, or other mobile devices.

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