My Coffee Maker is Hacking Me?! – How Manufacturers and Consumers Can Protect Data In The Internet Of Things – MiBiz

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  Major web based services, including Twitter, Netflix, Amazon Web Services and Spotify were offline for most of the day last week, due to a large-scale Distributed Denial of Service attack. This onslaught targeted the home routers, DVRs and webcams of consumers who had not changed default user names and passwords of these internet connected devices. Currently, 6.4 billion devices connect to the internet, and that number is projected

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Cloud Computing Saves Billions, But Is Your Data Safe? – MiBiz

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What is cloud computing? Typically, an individual stores computer data or applications on their hard drive or on a shared local server within their organization. Cloud computing is a method of storing, processing and managing data on a remote server hosted through the internet. These remote servers are physically housed at data centers, which can be located and accessed from anywhere in the world. Two types of clouds exist;

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DON’T GET HACKED: Cost-Free Solutions To Prevent Cyber Crime – Merit Network

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Cyber threats are on the rise – putting businesses, dollars and real lives in grave danger. Regardless of an organization’s size, most companies deal with securing personal information, computer networks and connected devices to conduct daily operations. As cyber attacks grow in frequency and sophistication, associated costs to mitigate these attacks skyrocket. According to Gartner, the worldwide security market reached $75 billion in 2015. This spending is expected to

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Today is “World Password Day.”

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In case you hadn’t heard, today is “World Password Day.” This would be a good time to go out and change your passwords. Need help on picking a new password? Head out to where Betty White provides best practices for cybersecurity. If you do not think Betty provided everything you need, head over to XKCD where they have one of the best comics around for choosing a secure

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Your Digital Identity

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Identity. Comprised of everything associated with your physical being: height, weight, hairstyle and color, voice, even where you live. You do everything in your power to protect this identity. From exercising and eating right, using alarm systems to purchasing insurance. Your physical identity has always been the way for others to validate your existence. But what about your other identity? Your online identity. Cybercriminals and others can often find

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