PyMyDB Backup 0.5.1

By jason|August 26, 2012|Linux How To's, mysql, python|0 comments

The first version of PyMyDB Backup has been released and is based on Python 2.4.3. This is a Python script that will back up your MySQL databases, calculate the size of the backed up files, tarball and compress the contents, then email the results. To use:     Download the EPEL RPM which can be found at: Install pymydb-0.5.1-1.noarch.rpm which can be found at: GitHub This script creates the necessary

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Part 2: Adding the firewall rules

By jason|August 26, 2012|Linux How To's, Security|0 comments

In part two of this series we’re going to discuss adding firewall rules to the router.  Everyone knows that adding ingress (or incoming) firewall rules is important to securing your network.  However, the same can be said for adding egress rules for traffic leaving your network.  For instance, aside from an email server, no client should ever send traffic to the Internet via TCP port 25.  If you see

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Setting up NAT with CentOS/Red Hat 6

By jason|August 3, 2012|Linux How To's, Security|0 comments

​This will be part 1 in a series of configuring CentOS/Red Hat 6 as a secured firewall. Though I am a huge fan of pfSense (which can be found here pfSense), I wanted to build my own from scratch. So, the first part of this series will consist of setting up PAT (or NAT overload for the Cisco geeks) on Linux. The first step is to configure the network cards. 

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