MySQL Replication

By jason|October 11, 2011|mysql|0 comments

​Setting up MySQL replication is an easy process to do. First you need to edit your my.cnf files on your two servers and add the following: Server 1     server-id=1     auto_increment_offset=1     auto_increment_increment=3     log-bin=mysql_log Server 2     server-id=2     auto_increment_offset=1     auto_increment_increment=3     log-bin=mysql_log Make sure that the server id’s in the my.cnf file are unique for each server and the auto_increment_increment is n+1 more than the

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Multiple VLAN’s with Xen Dom0

By jason|July 9, 2011|Linux How To's|0 comments

​A great feature of Linux and Xen is the ability to run DomU’s on multiple networks. To do this we first need to set up the VLAN’s on a switch and then set the port the Dom0 is connected to allow for 802.1q traffic. On a Cisco switch, log into the IOS and change the interface that the server is sitting on and type: switch(config-if) switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switch(config-if)

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802.1q and LACP Network Card Bonding with Xen Dom0

By jason|May 5, 2011|Linux How To's|0 comments

​As you may/may not know, bonding is the ability of taking two or more network cards and make them act as one. This not only improves fail over, but it also increases the amount of network throughput for the server. The following will show you how to set up such an environment. For this to work you must have a switch that is capable of combining multiple switch ports

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